What do we offer our clients at Miami Oportunidades in terms of real estate investment advisory?

We offer specialized guidance in real estate investments for foreign investors, providing options that generate short, medium, and long-term returns.

How do we support your investment alternatives to meet your needs?

We back your investment alternatives with market analysis, financial analysis, and the expertise of our advisors, tailoring them to fit your requirements.

Why is professional legal guidance important for a South Florida real estate investment?

It is crucial to have our legal and juridical guidance to ensure a secure investment without any legal issues in South Florida.

What is our role as specialized Real Estate attorneys in the property closing process?

As specialized Real Estate attorneys, we oversee and supervise the closing process to guarantee the property you are purchasing has no past legal problems, outstanding debts, or unresolved title transfers, among other issues.​

What services for company formation and legal compliance with property purchase?

In addition to closing assistance, we offer guidance on opening corporations for property purchases, including benefits related to titles, property rentals, taxes, and assistance throughout the corporation formation and closing processes.​

What services do we offer to ensure peace of mind in property management and maintenance?

Our services include drafting up-to-date lease contracts, renewal or management of leases when necessary, constant renegotiation of rental values, monthly rent collection, personalized rent statements and bank deposits, record-keeping of all expenses and payments, property maintenance, and prompt assistance to tenants for any arising issues.​